After Failed Coup, Turkey Bans Educators From Leaving The Country

Turkish officials are investigating all angles regarding last week’s failed coup attempt and cracking down on anyone who may have been in on the plot.

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Following last week's attempted military coup in Turkey, the country has declared a state of emergency for three months and banned all academics from professional travel.

No one is exempt from the government's investigative probes that have already gotten underway including judges, civil servants, and police officers.

At least 262 military judges and prosecutors have been suspended already, according to The Washington Post. Turkish intelligence officials estimate about 100,000 people were involved in planning the failed coup.

As for the restriction on educators’ travels, it supposedly only applies to work-related trips; however, some within the field claim that they are prohibited from leaving the country for any reason. 

University professors allegedly confirmed that they were instructed by administrators to cancel any vacations and other plans indefinitely. The ban came just one day after more than 15,000 educators were suspended and all university deans were forced to resign.

One unnamed government official maintains that this restriction is only a “temporary measure.”

“As you surely know, universities have always been crucial for military juntas in Turkey, and certain individuals are believed to be in contact with cells within military,” he reportedly said.

Apparently, there are concerns that a Turkish cleric living in the United States named Fethullah Gulen inspired the coup and has direct ties to educators, who have the power to influence another uprising.

Gulen has denied any connection to the plot and insists that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is behind the whole thing as a ploy to secure his power.

Regardless of whether Gulen is behind any of this or not, officials are not taking any chances and are going to great lengths to discourage any more dissent.

The press credentials of nearly 40 Turkish journalists have also been revoked under the suspicion of ties to Gulen.

While there is no definitive answer to how the coup came about at this point, it is likely that the Turkish government is worsening tensions by implementing this crackdown and inadvertently punishing completely innocent people.

Banner Photo Credit: Reuters

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