After Mishandling Harassment Claims, Former Fox Exec Offered WH Job

A former Fox News executive who was ousted for mishandling sexual harassment complaints could be the next White House communications director.

The White House communications director position could soon be filled by yet another name associated with Fox News.

Are you surprised?

The New York Times reports that while White House communications adviser Mercedes Schlapp appeared to be in line to be the next communications director, former Fox News executive Bill Shine is reportedly discussing the possibility of filling in for Hope Hicks, who left the position in March.

Shine and President Donald Trump have reportedly met to discuss the job recently, and according to sources, the president has already offered Shine the position.

Shine taking the job is truly alarming. The former executive was forced out as co-president at Fox after being accused of handling sexual harassment scandals poorly.

He also remained close to Roger E. Ailes, the former Fox chairman who was accused of sexual harassment by several former Fox employees, and who was at the center of the accusations that Shine failed to address.

Despite his past, White House aide Kellyanne Conway reportedly advocated for him.

When asked if they knew Shine could spell trouble for Trump’s administration, White House officials said they were aware and that they would handle it.

Once again, the president proves he relies on Fox not just for his news but to fill his cabinet positions as well.  And worse than that, he has no problem hiring individuals who are notorious for mishandling sexual harassment claims.

If Shine is picked as the communications director, will all credibility and trust in the White House become obsolete? That is, if it hasn't already. 


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