After Santa Fe Shooting, Texas Governor Cancels Shotgun Giveaway

In what seems to be an attempt to get himself re-elected, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott changed his gun giveaway and is now vowing to do more about gun safety in the state.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s re-election campaign has nixed its plan to give out a shotgun following the Santa Fe high school mass shooting that killed 10 people. 

On Friday, the Republican governor told news outlets that the state’s legislature should take action to prevent other mass shootings from happening in The Lone Star State. However, he never commented on his campaign’s shotgun giveaway contest.

“It’s time in Texas that we take action to step up and make sure this tragedy is never repeated ever again,” Abbott said

As HuffPost noted, the governor’s call for action seemed to omit that he, too, had to make a few tweaks.

But now, it appears, the campaign has finally taken the giveaway contest down from Abbott’s website.

It is likely that Abbott came to his senses after so many social media users noticed the inappropriate contest and called him out online. 

Until Sunday, the site boasted, “Win a Texas-made shotgun!” However, since it was established that the 17-year-old shooter used a .38-caliber revolver to fatally shoot 10 people and injure 13 others, the site is simply offering participants a $250 gift card.

The Republican is running for a second term. Following the shooting, he said he had several new proposals for the state’s gun laws but didn’t get into details. Still, he announced that he would be holding roundtable discussions on gun safety starting this week.

While it’s safe to question whether a Republican candidate in a predominantly Republican state will actually push for stricter gun control, the fact that Abbott’s campaign canceled the shotgun giveaway may signal a change of policy.

Until there is more concrete information on what kind of policies Abbott will embrace, however, we can’t know for sure. In the mean time, the decision to change the giveaway at least indicates that Abbott understands the gravity of the tragedy that just occurred in his state and how insensitive it would be to carry on with such a contest. 

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