Maybe Melania Trump Should Be Voting For Hillary Clinton

Melania Trump gave a speech today saying that her goals as First Lady would be to advocate for women and children and put an end to bullying.

Melania Trump made a speech today in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, the first since her address at the Republican National Convention, which was partially plagiarized from First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Melania Trump's talking points seemed designed to address her husband's weakest areas, namely his politics and personal life around women and his tendency to be a bully.

Perhaps the campaign thought that Melania's speech might soften Donald's appearance and smooth over his very rough edges. However, what Melania described to the crowd was a platform completely counter to her husband's—and much closer to that of his opponent, Hillary Clinton's.

"I want to be an advocate for women and for children," Melania stated to cheers. 

If Melania wanted to advocate for women and children, it would be an uphill battle against a Donald Trump presidency. Trump has stated that he would like to overturn Roe v. Wade, that women who get abortions should be punished and that his wife shouldn't work because if she wasn't home to make dinner for him, he'd "go through the roof." That's not even mentioning the fact that Trump has said countless offensive things about women, been accused of sexual assault, and is going on trial just after the election for allegedly raping a child. Trump has even been vocal against the idea of "feminism."

On the other hand, Clinton has always been an avid and effective advocate for women and children, from working for the Children's Defense Fund to famously saying "Women's rights are human rights," at the UN. She has never been accused of sexually assaulting anyone, treats the advancement of women as an important issue to her campaign, and openly calls herself a feminist

Melania also addressed bullying in her speech, which is another surprise. Half of Twitter must be asking right now, "Have you even met your husband?"

Donald Trump has a reputation for being vicious, petty, and downright aggressive on social media. If Melania claims that the world has become too mean, how does she plan to put an end to unkindness when she overlooks it so completely in her partner?

Clinton, on the other hand, comports herself respectfully and has behaved with presidential aplomb, despite being constantly interrupted and insulted by Donald during their debates.

Anyone listening to Melania Trump's speech today may find themselves confused as to which candidate she should actually be supporting. If she wants better treatment for women and children and a kinder world, perhaps she should cast her vote for Clinton.

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