Ahed Tamimi Allegedly Sexually Harassed During Interrogation

Ahed's lawyer has reportedly twice complained to Israeli authorities about the inappropriate behavior of the interrogators. But no avail.

Ahed Tamimi

An Israeli interrogator has been accused of sexually harassing Ahed Tamimi, the teen Palestinian activist who was arrested for resisting Israeli soldiers.

Gaby Lasky, the lawyer representing Ahed, has filed a complaint to the attorney general against an Israeli interrogator who questioned her in an "inappropriate manner" for a female minor prisoner.

The official allegedly also commented on Ahed's looks.

Lasky called it a "gross violation of the law" that amounts to sexual harassment. The same interrogator threatened to arrest Ahed's family members if she didn't answer his questions. In addition, the lawyer claimed Ahed was being questioned by two men, without the presence of a female official or even an interrogator who specializes in dealing with minor inmates.

"This proves that the [Israeli] law enforcement system infringes upon the rights of Palestinian minors," the complaint stated.

Abuse of Palestinian minors, both girls and boys, is prevalent in Israeli prisons.               

"During interrogation, many children reported being facing with slurs and threatened with physical violence. In a small number of cases, interrogators have reportedly threatened minors with rape," Al Jazeera reported in 2012.

"You have eyes like an angel," one interrogator told Tamimi in Arabic and he made "creepy attempts at flirting" as well as threats against her family.

Ahed is currently serving an eight-month sentence in the notorious Ofer military prison after reaching a plea deal was reached in March.

Lasky's claims of sexual harassment against Ahed come just days after The Daily Beast reported on a video recorded in December of two Israeli soldiers interrogating the teenager. At one point, one interrogator, speaking in Hebrew-accented choppy Arabic, tries flirting in an overbearing and intimidating manner.

"You have eyes like an angel," he says to Ahed, who was then 16 years old.

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