Passengers Scream As Air Berlin Pilot Performs Dangerous Low-Fly Stunt

The plane banked sharply to the left and performed a go-around maneuver. An airport employee thought the jet would smash into the terminal.

Almost 200 people aboard an Air Berlin flight had the fright of their lives when a pilot decided to perform a fly-past during their last long-haul flight.

The pilot, apparently, wanted the stunt to be a memorable farewell, which it did turn out to be, eventually. However, not quite the way he expected.

As the plane from Miami approached the Dusseldorf airport runway, the A330 jet banked sharply to the left and performed a dangerously low-fly go-around maneuver.

“We wanted to make a mark — a dignified and emotional goodbye,” the unidentified pilot was quoted as saying, according to Reuters.

Passengers reportedly screamed in terror as they noticed the unusual maneuver, which was captured on camera.

"It’s too high! It’s too high!” one person can be heard while gasping on the video. “What is he doing?” a woman says.

An airport employee even feared the plane would smash into the terminal.

Such low-fly stunts, according to a pilot for a different airline, are supposed to be performed for either operational or safety reasons.

“Electing to do one if it is known not to be required adds an unnecessary risk,” he said.

Thumbnail Credits: REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

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