Passenger Holds Flight Attendant Hostage Using A Fountain Pen

The man allegedly tried to use a pen to hold the crew member "under duress," according to China's Aviation Administration.

An Air China flight was on its way to Beijing from Changsha when it had to be diverted after a passenger reportedly held a crew member hostage — using a fountain pen.

Flight 1350 landed in Zhengzhou city after the man, identified only as Xu, held a female flight attendant "under duress," according to China's Civil Aviation Administration.

While there are no videos of the incident, a photo of the alleged attacker has been making rounds on the internet in which he can be seen holding an article to the flight attendant's throat:


"The man onboard flight CA 1350 had a sudden [flare-up] of mental illness when he held a flight attendant hostage," the Henan public security bureau clarified in a statement on Chinese social media website Weibo.

A passenger, who witnessed the alleged incident, told The Xiaoxiang Morning Herald the "disturbance" unfolded in either the first or business class cabins, however, no one from the economy class could see anything because the curtains separating the sections were closed.

All passengers on board the flight were safely evacuated and Xu was eventually subdued and taken into custody.

It has not been confirmed if he was released. The BBC reported the man would not be criminally charged if he was found to have been suffering from mental illness.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Pixabay

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