Air France A380 With Engine Damage Makes Emergency Landing [VIDEO]

The engine on an Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles blew apart in midair.

An Air France flight from Paris to Los Angeles was forced to make an emergency landing in Newfoundland, Canada, Saturday afternoon after one of the aircraft's engines blew out over the Atlantic Ocean.

The pilot of the four-engine aircraft was forced to head to Goose Bay in Canada after part of the engine cover blasted off while flying 6 miles above the Atlantic Ocean.


Passengers aboard the double-decker Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger airliner, described hearing a loud noise about five hours into the flight. The plane, which had just crossed the southern tip of Greenland, vibrated for several minutes.

The plane was carrying 496 passengers and 24 crew at the time, an Air France spokesperson told AFP news agency.

The 7-year-old plane flew for about an hour on three engines before it reached Goose Bay Airport, in Labrador in eastern Canada where it landed safely.


Air France responded to the incident in a statement saying that the flight had landed safely "following serious damage to one of its four engines."

Photos taken by passengers showed the cowling, or engine covering, completely destroyed, and some cosmetic damage to the wing's surface.


In a statement, Air France praised the pilots and cabin crew on Flight 66 out of Paris' Charles de Gaulle Aiport, who they said "handled this serious incident perfectly." The statement added that the engine had suffered "serious damage," but declined to elaborate.

Air France said it brought in two flights to carry the 497 passengers from Goose Bay to Los Angeles.

Goose Bay is the first airport available for large aircraft in North America when flying from northern Europe.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Michael Dalder

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