Panic Ensues As Window Panel Comes Off Mid-Flight During Turbulence

An Air India official confirmed three passengers were taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries caused due to violent turbulence.


Passengers were left traumatized during an Air India flight after an internal window panel came off in a 10-minute episode of severe turbulence.

The airplane, a Boeing 787, was flying from Amritsar to New Delhi when it experienced violent turbulence that resulted in injuries to passengers.

A passenger could be seen crying after a window panel beside her dislodged mid-flight. The flight attendant then put it back in place and checked up on the shaken passenger.

Some oxygen masks were also deployed from overhead panels, resulting in panic from the terrified passengers. One of the overhead panels was covered in cracks.

A senior Air India official confirmed three passengers were taken to the hospital in New Delhi after they were injured during the vicious patch of turbulence.

“Our emergency response and angels took care of the three injured passengers who were taken to a hospital on landing in Delhi. The passenger whose head hit the overhead panel got stitches. Two passengers suffered minor injuries. They are all fine and took their connecting flights after getting the first aid. The passenger who got stitches said he felt ok and the doctors said he could travel. Our angels were with him throughout,” said the official.

The official also said the accident is being investigated by Air India and the Civil Aviation.

"This was a freak high level turbulence. AI and Directorate General of Civil Aviation are probing it," a senior Air India official said.

The terrifying incident took place just a few days after a Southwest Airlines passenger, Jennifer Riordan, was killed after she was sucked halfway through the airplane’s window in a freak accident.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

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