Unruly Passenger 'Upgrades' Herself To Two Premium Seats Aboard Flight

An economy flyer of Air Asia flight decided to upgrade herself to premium seats on her own and sparked fury amongst the crew members and passengers.


A middle-aged woman reportedly upgraded herself to priority seating at least thrice on an AirAsia flight and sparked a row.

The woman had booked standard seats for the four-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Hong Kong, but just before the takeoff she apparently thought she could occupy the premium seats too. In fact, not just occupy one seat but lay across a whole row of premium seats.

For obvious reasons, the woman’s comfort was soon interrupted by the cabin crew who asked her to move back to her seat, informing her she could purchase priority seating on her next flight if she wanted. The priority seats carry an extra charge of $38 for having more leg room and often being empty.

Upon the crew’s insistence, the woman reluctantly returned to her seat. But, she didn’t give up and after the take-off, made two more attempts to claim the premium seats, laying down on her head pillow and playing on her phone.

The second time the crew member got into another argument with the woman who eventually relented and moved back to her seat.

While some say the third time’s a charm, it unfortunately was not for this woman determined to claim the premium seats. The third time the woman tried to take a priority seat, she became even more brazen and laid down across all seats in the row, angering other passengers in the premier seating area.

Bruce Lam, the premium flyer, was sitting across the aisle and was getting exasperated because of the ruckus the woman was creating.

“A few minutes later, the woman returned to the seats behind me again for the third time. She lay down and started playing with her phone,” passenger Bruce Lam wrote in the Facebook post. “The stewardess told her that it wouldn’t be fair to other passengers if she could ‘upgrade’ her seat by herself, while others could not.”

He also posted a video of the unruly woman on his Facebook account.


According to Lam, the woman was finding it really hard to believe she could not sit wherever she wanted to and then began to yell at the crew member.

Lam couldn’t take any more of the woman’s drama, which was disrupting everyone’s peace, so he stood up and reportedly began arguing with her, “Just return to your seat. Once, twice, thrice, they asked you. Have you no shame?”

The woman told Lam to mind his own business, but eventually got up and went back to her original seat – where she remained for the duration of the flight.

“I do not know if the flight attendants were too gentle and polite, but the woman had a bad attitude more than before. She was abusive and angry,” Lam added.

As Lam took control of the situation when the crew members failed to, he was later approached by the flight attendant who said to him, “Thank you, we often encounter these rude guests.”

Banner Image Credits: REUTERS/Charles Platiau

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