Airport Employee Foolishly Brought A Loaded Gun To Work

On Monday, part of the Memphis International Airport was temporarily closed down after an airport store employee was caught with a loaded gun.

An employee of the Memphis International Airport was charged with a misdemeanor for bringing a loaded firearm to work on Monday.

According to Local Memphis, airport employee Shwundra Boxiley, was probed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation after the incident. Airport police determined that she did not have a permit to carry a gun in the first place, and it remains unclear why she would bring a pistol loaded with seven bullets to work with her.

Boxiley arrived at work and went through security, carrying her purse as usual. Although TSA screeners spotted a suspicious item in her bag, they did not check inside it at the time of her entry into the secure area.

After Boxiley passed through security, TSA determined that what they had seen was, in fact, a pistol. They asked Boxiley to return to the screening area with her purse. However, at this point, Boxiley had hidden the gun under a TV stand in the employee break room so her handbag was empty. Surely enough, the hidden pistol was discovered and Boxiley was reprimanded for her foolish behavior. Her security area badge was confiscated.

According to the reports from airport security, she admitted to bringing the gun to work with her, but had forgotten to take it out of her bag before entering the building.  But, the fact that she attempted to “artfully” hide the gun in the employee break room after breezing past security with it obscures the possibility of truth in her claims. Boxiley must have known the handgun was in her purse when going to work that day.

The criminal charges Boxiley racked up from the incident so far include a misdemeanor for unlawfully carrying a weapon and for bringing a weapon into a secure zone of an airport. However, the FBI is still determining whether or not to charge her federally for her extreme breach of airport security. She will, in all likelihood, not receive federal punishment since she has no pending warrants and the National Crime Information Center checks on the gun were negative. 

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