Al Franken Destroys Cruz For Painting Sessions As A Civil Rights Hero

In his fiery speech, Sen. Al Franken made sure to call out Sen. Ted Cruz over his false portrayal of Jeff Sessions as a civil rights champion.



During Jeff Sessions’ Senate confirmation hearings as the next attorney general, Al Franken (D-MN) has been only of the only senators who called out Sessions for misrepresenting (read: lying) about his involvement in civil rights cases.

This week, Franken again made sure to point that fact out, but he also eviscerated Republicans, especially Sen. Ted Cruz, for falsely painting Sessions as a civil rights champion.


“It just seemed to me that given his previous experience before this committee, and given the concern that civil rights advocates have expressed about his nomination, that perhaps Sen. Sessions or the transition team was attempting to revise that history and recast him as a civil rights champion,” Franken stated, referring to a 1986 hearing, during which Sessions was deemed too racist to assume the role of a federal judge.

Then Franken mentioned Cruz, who had previously said Franken tried to “undermine [Sessions’] character and integrity,” before painting his fellow Republican senator as a civil rights hero.

“That's what happened. Those are the facts,” Franken said of Sessions’ failure to receive confirmation as a federal judge 30 years ago. "But when describing this history, Sen. Cruz misrepresented what happened. So I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight.”

At that point, Franken was interrupted by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), who accused him of “disparaging” Cruz (who wasn’t present at the hearing.)

Franken shot back at Cornyn saying Cruz had done the same thing to him last month.

Despite Franken repeatedly pointing out Sessions’ questionable civil rights past, Trump’s nominee was approved as the new attorney general.

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