Cops Left This Teen Bloody And Bruised – His Parents Want To Know Why

Ulysses Wilkerson, 17, reportedly suffered brain trauma and a fractured eye socket during the police encounter. His parents are now demanding answers.

Disclaimer: Some readers might find these images disturbing.

In yet another appalling display of brutality, police officers in Troy, Alabama, reportedly beat up an African-American teen, leaving him with a swollen face, brain trauma and broken eye socket – and his parents want to know the reason cops went to such extreme measures.

Ulysses Wilkerson was walking behind a closed business in the downtown area late at night when the officers noticed him and exited their vehicle to approach him, according to the officials. When the 17-year-old saw the cops, he began to ran, prompting the officers to chase him. They caught him a few streets down and the struggle ensued, resulting in the teen’s arrest.

“The subject continued to struggle with officers and kept reaching toward his waistband as if he was attempting to access a weapon, all while repeatedly ignoring officers’ commands to stop resisting and give them his hands,” Troy Police Chief Randall Barr said, asking for an independent investigation.

The department also claimed they found a handgun lying on the ground when they retraced the path. They said the weapon had been taken in as evidence. However, it’s still unclear why the police decided to approach the victim in the first place.

Although the officials charged the teen with obstructing governmental operations and resisting arrest, his family said the charges were later dropped.

Given the nature of his injuries, the authorities transported Wilkerson to Troy Regional Medical Center. He was later transported to University of Alabama Medical Center in Birmingham before being released a day later.

“Troy police officers did this to my son while he was in handcuffs,” Wilkerson’s mother, Angela Williams, wrote in her now viral Facebook post along with a photo of her injured son. “Please share this s*** happening in Troy Al now. I hope that they body camera was on and they haven’t told me s*** yet . Please share I’m heading to Birmingham to UAB he has fracture and had to transport to have surgery.”

Meanwhile, Wilkerson’s father told local news channel his son “had trauma to the brain, swelling on the brain, and a cracked eye socket in three different places.”

He also shared these heartbreaking images on social media.

Black Lives Matter Birmingham has organized a protest demanding justice for the injured teen.

“There comes a time when silence is not an option,” the group wrote on its Facebook page.

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