Teacher Bullies Summer School Student, Puts His Video On Snapchat

“Aw, don't be ashamed now. Cause you weren't ashamed during the school year. We need to put this on your Snap(chat) so all your friends can see.”


We have updated our story to remove the teachers’ names as they have not been confirmed by the school.

A heartbreaking video shows a woman bullying an Alabama high school student, while another man laughs. The footage is even more distressing, considering both the people are teachers.

In the video, the female teacher can be heard making derogatory comments about a teen in a green hoodie, who is the only student in the class. Rather than telling her to stop, a male teacher standing by the student is laughing at the woman’s remarks.

The woman at first can be heard praising the teacher for teaching a class comprised of a single student in a classroom, with broken tiles on the ceiling. However, she then turned her attention to the teen and started shaming him.

“Get that lesson. You the only one. Get that lesson. That's what happens when n***as be thinking you be playing. See this teacher's good. Y'all know me, I'm petty. Hell no, he would be gettin' this in summer school. Twenty days, four weeks,” said the woman.

She then approaches the student, evidently to film his face too. But the harassed student pulls his hoodie over his face.

"Aw, don't be ashamed now,” said the female teacher when the teen does so. “Cause you weren't ashamed during the school year. We need to put this on your Snap(chat) so all your friends can see.”

True to her word, the horrible teacher then put the video of her shaming a student on Snapchat — where it was found by the teen’s older sister, who posted it on Facebook.

“After viewing what appears to be glaringly unprofessional actions by a teacher recording and posting this video (and possibly other MPS employees in the room), the system is launching an investigation into the matter,” the school’s spokesman Tom Salter said in a statement. “The actions on the video do not represent the policies of MPS or what is expected from a Montgomery Public Schools educator. After the investigation is over, appropriate and necessary actions will be taken against anyone found to have violated MPS policies.”

A Change.org petition has been started that demands the teacher be fired from her job and her teaching certificate be revoked. It also asked the male teacher should be suspended for three months without pay.

Alabama began a state intervention into Montgomery County public schools for academic and financial grounds in February 2017. The probe could continue for the next five years, said state officials.

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