Want To Fight NRA's Aggressive Lobbying? Begin With #GrabYourWallet

Three major car rental companies and a bank, which offer special deals and discounts for NRA members, have decided to rethink their relationship with the NRA.



In October 2016, Shannon Coulter, a California businesswoman, launched the #GrabYourWallet protest movement, after the emergence of 2005 “Access Hollywood” tapes that revealed then Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, bragging about sexually assaulting women.

Coulter called on to people to “flex their consumer power” and boycott products of companies with direct or indirect ties to Trump, his family as well as his donors.

And it worked.

Now, something similar is happening with the National Rifle Association (NRA) — and it also appears to be working.

In the wake of the Florida high school mass shooting, thousands of people, mostly students, across the nation have taken to the streets in support of reasonable gun laws and against gun lobbies who continue to stall legislation for more sensible gun laws by throwing fistfuls of cash at lawmakers, including the president.

Concurrently, some have taken the protest from the streets to the internet, asking major brands to cut off ties with the powerful gun lobby.

As it turns out, some major brands have started to, at least, take the first steps toward dumping the NRA.

For instance, three major car rental companies, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental, all of which come under Enterprise Holdings, offered special discounts and deals for NRA members.

Not anymore.

The three prominent national brands have announced an end to their business relationship with the NRA on March 26.




Also, the nation's largest privately owned bank holding company, the Nebraska-based First National Bank of Omaha, has also said it would not renew a contract with the gun lobby in which it issued an NRA-branded Visa card.


ThinkProgress recently published a detailed how at least 22 corporations that offer huge discounts to NRA members, thereby luring more people to sign up to be a member, which, of course, in turn makes the gun lobby even more powerful.

But that's not all.

A Medium article notes with the help of an example, how the companies associated with the NRA offer kickbacks to the gun rights group from sales to NRA members:

"...the metadata for the rental car benefits page on the NRA site reads 'Book with these NRA partners and save every time you rent a car. Plus a portion of every purchase helps NRA fight for freedom.'"

Therefore, corporations linked to the NRA not only boost membership but also help gather funds for the group, which, in turn, uses that money to fund lawmakers, who have been hindering legislation for years that would help create more sensible gun laws in the country.

So it seems in order to fight the NRA's powerful lobbying for more guns, big businesses need to cut the cord with the NRA.

And that's exactly what has started happening.

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