Clingy Tourists Harass Mountain Goat To Its Death In Alaska

Tourists clearly didn’t get the message that the animal did not want to interact with humans, and kept on harassing it, till it jumped into the ocean.

While people around the world are speaking up about women’s rights, human rights, Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter, they seem to have forgotten that the lives of animals matter too.

Numerous incidents of animal cruelty have come into the spotlight recently including a polar bear’s captivity in a shopping mall and the torture of a turtle for the sake of a selfie, to name just a few.

Now a recent video captured in Alaska shows a mountain goat frantically walking around the shore of an ocean as if to hide its face from tourists who were trying to click its picture. The animal was so desperate to get away from the people that it jumped into the ocean, but was unable to swim and get back onto the shore. As a result, it helplessly drowned in the torrential waters. 

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It is extremely important for wild animals to be left in their habitat, and allowed to be on their own. In order to live a healthy life, they require their space and routine that they are accustomed to, and the presence of tourists doesn’t make them feel comfortable.

Alaska troopers described the incident as a “wild animal dying for no cause,” and reported that they had received a call from someone who complained about people harassing the goat. They were even told about a large group of people that followed it onto the breakwater rocks, leading the animal to jump into the water.

It is about time people respected the rights of animals, especially those that live in the wild and aren’t used to close contact with human beings. Interacting extensively with such creatures can be dangerous for both, people and the animal, and thus, watching them from afar and enjoying them in their natural environment is surely a better source of entertainment.

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Check out the video of the goat above.

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