Syrian Child Dies After Picking Up Cluster Bomb Thinking It Was A Toy

Eman was taken to Aleppo’s only hospital with a functioning emergency department. She died a day later due to various medical complications.

Syrian Child

Another Syrian child has paid the ultimate price of war in the rebel-held Aleppo.

Four-year-old Eman was collecting water in the under-siege Syrian city on Monday when the tragedy struck. The young girl spotted a shiny toy, according to her family, and picked it up to play. She thought it was just a ball, but it was actually an unexploded cluster bomb.

The object exploded as soon as Eman grasped it. The toddler was admitted in the children’s trauma ward at M2, one of the last hospitals with a functioning emergency department in east Aleppo, with multiple shrapnel wounds to her abdomen and two broken legs.

She died a day later due to several complications.

Her two sisters, aged 7 and 10, were also hurt in the incident. Fortunately, the doctors were able to stabilize their conditions by Wednesday, the Aleppo Media Centre told The Independent.

Before Eman succumbed to her wounds, ITV aired a video showing her fighting for her life, her face bloodied and bruised.

The footage also features another little girl who is yet to be identified. The officials believe her parents were killed in the attack that left her injured and struggling to live.

What are cluster bombs?

Cluster bombs are one of the particularly damage-inflicting types of explosives, which projects smaller "bomblets" that can lie around long after they have been dropped and are difficult to clear.

While more than 100 countries have signed a treaty to ban the use of cluster bombs, Human Rights Watch has accused Russia of still using them. More disturbingly, an activist with the Aleppo Media Centre claimed the bombs he had seen dropped on rebel neighborhoods were often round, silver and a little smaller than footballs — which make them attractive to unsuspecting young children.

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