Alex Jones Accused Of Racism, Anti-Semitism And Sexual Harassment

Alex Jones has been accused of groping and making unwanted sexual advances at an African-American, whom he called his “black wife.”

Alex Jones, the infamous conspiracy theorist and President Donald Trump’s ardent supporter, has been accused of sexual harassment, racism and anti-Semitism by two former InforWars employees.

Rob Jacobson, a former video editor at InfoWars who worked with Jones and the company for 13 years, claimed his colleagues and managers called him "the Jewish Individual" and "the Resident Jew" before firing him from the job.

According to reports, “The abuse got so bad that one member of staff photo shopped Jacobson’s face on to the image of an Orthodox Jew under the words, ‘THE JEWISH INDIVIDUAL DEMANDS YOUR HOT TOPICS’ and printed it out for all to see.” 

In addition to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint, Jacobson plans to take legal action against the right-wing conspiracy theorist for discrimination, harassment and unfair dismissal. An EEOC complaint investigates discrimination based on race, color, nationality, origin, religion, age, sex and disability. The complaint can be filed by anybody and is not limited to the victim.

Another former employee at Free Speech Systems, InfoWars‘ parent company, accused Jones of bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment.

Former production assistant Ashley Beckford, who is an African-American, mentioned in her EEOC complaint she was “subjected to different terms and conditions of employment, in comparison to my non-Black African-American peers, when it came to my salary/wages and benefits (travel), and in regards to my dress, including my hair style.”

She alleged Jones “often spent his time shirtless, and endlessly leering…at female employees and guests,” which created a “disgusting, hostile environment.” This naturally emboldened his staff to openly make inappropriate comments towards women.

According to Beckford, Jones allegedly groped her and said, “Who wouldn’t want to have a black wife?”

The radio host denied these accusations as “completely, totally false” in a statement sent to the Daily Mail.

“I'm not going to talk about former employees, I mean nobody accuses me of stuff like that. No, no, and in fact I'm not the type of person to say those kinds of things. So that's why my feelings are hurt. Wow. That's all I can say. That's total bullshit,” he continued.

However, an InfoWars lawyer said these accusations will be investigated.

People on the internet were not surprised, considering Jones’ history.










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