MSNBC's Velshi On Trump: We Need An 'English To English' Translator

President Donald Trump's announcement to replace NAFTA with a new agreement confused U.S. lawmakers and journalists alike.

Amidst a massive crackdown on immigrants, to keep Mexican "rapists" away from the United States, President Donald Trump called his Mexican counterpart Enrique Nieto to discuss trade.

The phone call was expected to be awkward, given the current political climate, however, it turned out to be worse than expected -- so much so, that MSNBC's Ali Velshi wished there were a translator to help understand what exactly the American leader was saying.

Trump suggested he was ditching the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and switching to a bilateral U.S.-Mexico trade deal, thereby expelling Canada.

This left a lot of people, including House Rep. Don Beyer baffled, since Canada is Virginia's biggest export market.


Velshi also expressed his confusion over the announcement, mainly because Trump's deal with Mexico isn't exactly a replacement but, as The New York Times pointed out, a revision of parts of NAFTA, during his exchange with CNBC's Ron Insana.

“We had simultaneous translation from the Spanish to English for the Mexican president,” he remarked. “Unfortunately, we didn’t have simultaneous translation for the English to the English because the president made not a whole lot of sense there.”

"Congress would have to sign that and Canada would have to sign it," pointed out Insana. "The president can repeal and replace NAFTA, but it would take congressional approval. NAFTA is still in effect."

"And the Mexican president referred to Canada about five times. This wasn't a deal with Canada. Trump wants to tax Canadian cars. There are no Canadian car companies," Velshi continued.

Here's how Twitter reacted to Trump's declaration of NAFTA's supposed death:





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