‘Ali’s On The Grill’: Jewish Extremists Mock Family Of Slain Toddler

A group of Israeli extremists were caught chanting hateful messages involving a toddler who was killed in an arson attack in 2015 on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, a group of far-right Israeli activists celebrated the death of a Palestinian toddler killed in an arson attack carried out by Jewish extremists in 2015.

They chanted hateful lines as the child’s family exited the courthouse after a hearing. 

Ali Saad Dawabsha was a little over 1 year old when his home was firebombed. Both his parents, Riham and Saad Dawabsha, were killed. His brother, Ahmed Dawabsha, who was 5 then, had to go through months of medical treatment after suffering serious burn injuries.

At the Central District Court in the city of Lod, about two dozen young Jewish extremist activists waited for the child’s uncle and grandfather, Nasr and Hussein Dawabsha, to step out with Joint (Arab) List politicians Ahmad Tibi and Ayman Odeh.

That’s when they were heard chanting, “Where is Ali? Ali’s dead,” “Ali’s on the grill,” and other hateful messages.

At one point, a young Jewish protester approached the crowd supporting the Dawabsha family shouted, “Where is Ali? He’s burned!”      

Tibi’s spokesman was able to get footage of the incident.

The Dawabsha family was present for the ruling regarding the confessions of suspects reportedly involved in the attack.

While the confession made by the teen accused of aiding the firebombing was ruled inadmissible, prosecutors can still use the confession made by the adult suspect.

Although about 20 police officers were present outside the courtroom, they made no moves to dissuade the anti-Dawabsha protesters. So as they chanted, the victims’ family stood by their supporters without saying a word.

When asked about the insults, the dead child’s uncle called the Jewish extremists animals.

“These racist barbaric chants indicate that [the far-right protesters’] natural place is a zoo,” he told reporters. 

This isn’t the first time the memory of young Ali Saad Dawabsha has been used by extremists in a “celebration.”

After the attack, a video showing wedding attendees holding the boy’s picture and stabbing it circulated online. The video was quickly dubbed the “hate wedding.”

On Twitter, users were disgusted that that a child’s memory would be dishonored in such a barbaric way.

It speaks volumes that Israeli politicians who support illegal Israeli settlements are silent on the actions of these extremists. After all, settlers and the politicians who back them are the ones who benefit when children like Dawabsha and families like his are killed or driven away from their own land out of fear.

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