Alleged Drunk Man Arrested After Driving Over Multiple Graves

An intoxicated man was put in handcuffs and arrested by police in the late evening after he drove over numerous gravesites at a cemetery in San Bruno, California.

When people are drunk, they tend to do things that they might later regret. But one California man's drunken mistake may top the list. 

Local police officers reported that Pierce Jagger, 29, was arrested over the weekend for drunk driving over dozens of gravesites at Golden Gate National Cemetery, according to East Bay Times.

The cemetery where the insensitive driver ran over the gravesites is home to veterans and their family members.


The incident was reported as a vehicle collision when police officers found Jagger inside of his damaged car on the cemetery’s grounds.

A police investigation stated that the man drove through the gates of the closed cemetery and ran over multiple gravesites on a grassy hill.

The belligerent man attempted to drive up granite steps until his car became disabled.

Police arrested Jagger on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol as well as driving with a suspended license. He could face charges for vandalism on the property.  

It’s appalling that anyone would have the audacity to run over gravesites, even if they were drunk during the occurrence. 

Banner Image Credit: Mouse 209, Flickr/Creative Commons

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