Breitbart Posts, Then Quickly Deletes, Anti-Muslim Super Bowl Tweet

Right-wing website Breitbart deleted the Islamophobic Super Bowl tweet as it did not meet the “editorial standards” of the website.



Far-right publication Breitbart posted, and later deleted, an anti-Muslim tweet on Monday, suggesting if Muslims come into power in the United States, the Super Bowl will become history.

The now-deleted tweet, posted during the championship game, was a hypothetical exchange between “Muhammad” — presumably a Muslim child — and his grandfather whom he refers to as “Grampa.” It takes place in an alternative universe where football isn't played anymore.

After Muhammad asks what Super Bowl is, his grandfather hints it was part of the culture when “kuffar” — the Arabic term for non-believers — ruled the country. He went on to say that back then there was secular music and alcohol — a “very Haram affair.” Haram is an Arabic adjective that means forbidden in Islam.

The tweet was deleted within 12 hours of its posting. The site clarified the tweet’s removal in yet another tweet, saying it failed to meet “editorial standards.”


Responding to the racist tweet, Ibrahim Hooper of the Council of American-Islamic Relations said such acts give them [Breitbart] “credence.”

“There are very few ‘media outlets’ we ban — and I use quotes when I refer to Breitbart as a media outlet, because we don’t consider them a media outlet, we consider them an anti-Muslim hate group,” Hooper told the Huffington Post.

Though Breitbart’s editor Alex Marlow has asserted “we’re not a hate site,” the platform's white supremacist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic tendencies have been exposed several times. Last June, an editor Katie McHugh, was fired by Breitbart for her anti-Muslim tweets after London terrorist attack.

Breitbart, one of President Donald Trump’s favorite news sources, forgot one may delete a tweet but people are smart enough to keep the screen shot.

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