Alt-Right Trolls Use These Innocuous Terms As Code For Racial Slurs

A lot of these seemingly innocuous terms have been inspired by the Trump campaign. For instance, the word “Skittles” isn’t only used to refer to candy anymore.

Racial Slurs

As social media websites are coming up with new plans to restrict hate speech, racist trolls are also finding ways to circumvent censorship.

For instance, the alt-right movement — a mostly online right-wing, Neo-Nazi group notorious for spewing vitriol on the internet — has formulated a cheat sheet that contains apparently innocuous terms that are in fact code names for racial slurs.

These code words were first noticed by Alex Goldman, host of the podcast ReplyAll.


"I noticed that a bunch of alt right twitter people were harassing a conservative podcaster called Stephen Crowder on Twitter... because he has not endorsed Donald Trump," he told

"I started noticing people writing 'skypes, googles, and skittles' and I thought to myself 'what the hell does that mean?’”

After a Google search Goldman discovered that the alt-right uses “googles” as a replacement for the n-word; “skypes” for Jews; butterfly for the LGBTQ community and “skittles” for Muslims — the last one’s inspired by Donald Trump Jr.’s infamous comparison of Syrian refugees to poisonous Skittles.

The origins of the secret code are yet unknown but the chart discovered by Goldman bore the initials “A-D Man.”

This isn’t the first time the alt-right has used seemingly harmless stuff to spread hate on social media.  For instance, Pepe the Frog from Boy's Club comic series has become the unofficial mascot of the alt-right movement on social media.

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