Alt-Right American Hero Was Really A Russian ‘Troll Factory’ Creation

The all-American personality — and Russian creation — had caused division online, being featured on news outlets, such as USA Today and The Washington Post.

The alt-right’s favorite Twitter personality is really the creation of a Russian trolling factory.

According to an investigation carried out by Congress, Twitter’s Jenna Abrams may have given extremists on the right ammunition to boost their viral content and create division among internet users even before President Donald Trump was sworn in.

Yet, they have all been duped, as the social media personality is nothing but the creation of the Russian government-funded Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg, The Daily Beast reports.

Known as the Trolls from Olgino, the agency is a notorious troll farm.

Since 2014, Abrams’ Twitter account discussed several subjects. Instilling divisive ideas regarding immigration, the “politically correct” culture, segregation, and even Trump, she was featured in countless articles on major news outlets, such as CNN, the BBC, Gizmodo, The Independent, USA Today, The Washington Post, several Fox affiliates, and countless others.

Building an image of a no-nonsense, all-American girl, Abrams ended up having her views spread far and wide by outlets across the country. And yet, the account turned out to be nothing but the creation of a Russian government-backed troll farm.

The fact that a fabricated online troll made it that far, spreading ideas of hate and division without ever raising any suspicion, goes to show how easy it is to fool thousands — if not millions.

If the Russian government was able to carry out this campaign so easily, who’s to say other government operatives and private organizations with ties to the Kremlin weren’t just as successful?

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Lucas Jackson

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