Black Twitter Responds To 'Alt-Right' Nazi Takeover Plan

Nazi Andrew Anglin published a hostile attack plan on black Twitter users and they responded with hashtag "black Twitter verification questions."

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin published a guide called "How to be a N***** on Twitter" with the intention to confuse and undermine black Twitter as backlash against the social media site's long-overdue anti-abuse policies. Black Twitter came back with a brilliant hashtag.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a prominent civil rights group, has an extensive profile on Anglin, a neo-Nazi whose quotes speak for themselves. Anglin once said, "I ask myself this, in all things: WWHD? (What Would Hitler Do?)" Anglin was also a vocal supporter of Donald Trump's election, saying, "Jews, Blacks and lesbians will be leaving America if Trump gets elected."

After prominent "alt-right" Nazis were banned by Twitter under their new reporting features, Anglin decided to use his website, The Daily Stormer, as the launch site of an attack on black Twitter users. SPLC explains that the website is named after a newspaper from Nazi Germany called "Der Stürmer" and promotes Nazism, white supremacy, and the "alt-right."

On Dec. 9, Anglin published the "guide" on his site using a disgusting amount of racial slurs and stereotypes about black Americans.

His plan is to incite his white, male, Nazi followers to create fake accounts that will confuse and create a lack of safety among black Twitter users, so that they no longer know whose account is real and whose is fake.

"We wish to create a state of chaos on twitter(sic), among the black twitter (sic) population, by sewing (sic) distrust and suspicion, causing blacks to panic," the despicable article stated. "It does not matter if the chaos state remains indefinitely, causing blacks to leave, or if they start trying to ban the fake black accounts. Because if they try to ban fake black accounts, they are going to end up banning real black accounts, which will bring a level of chaos to the site beyond what we’re able to create with agitation."

Anglin wrote that the attack intended to break up the Black Lives Matter movement, which often uses Twitter to organize and to "have a lot of fun."

Anglin's methods clearly illustrated the Nazi beliefs of the "alt-right," reducing black Americans to stereotypes of drug dealers and criminals who cheat on their partners. Anglin suggested trolls should try to ruin personal relationships by alleging affairs and use slang to make the accounts realistic.

In an idiotic and vile statement, Anglin asserts, "Blacks are not really capable of grasping the concept of the internet as a worldwide platform, as they cannot grasp the concept that anything exists beyond their own sphere. So you can easily say 'ni**a I no u (sic),' and they will believe it."

In sickening terms, Anglin likened his plan to a video game, saying "I know once you get into it, you’re not going to be able to quit doing this. It is so, so much fun. I’ve spent some time doing it recently, teaching some people who (sic) to do it, and I had to stop for a while because I was getting too addicted to it. It is seriously funner (sic) than any video game."

The entire plan takes delight in perpetuating stereotypes and making black Twitter users sound less intelligent than the white predators he hopes to unleash on them, which is ironic considering the number of errors in his writing.

Twitter has not yet made a statement on the racist article, which was deleted after posting. Anglin reinforced the fact that he wanted to use black Americans in a comment, saying "the goal is to target Twitter as a company, not the blacks. They are just a means to an end."

Black Twitter immediately responded with a masterful series of 'black Twitter verification questions,' aimed at identifying the white supremacists and their racist plan.

Let's hope that Twitter acts quickly to address this threat, but in the meantime, people of color have taken outing these predatory racists into their own hands. 

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