6-Year-Old Uses Sleeping Mom's Thumbprint To Buy Toys From Amazon

Kids these days don’t really need Santa to bring them gifts. They know how to get what they want all on their own — all they need is technology.

A 6-year-old girl from Arkansas decided to add some new Pokémon pieces to her toy collection, and she did not need Santa for making her wish list come true — all she needed was her mother’s phone.

Ashlynd Howell didn’t tell her parents about the gifts she wanted; instead, she placed an order on Amazon worth $250.

Bethany Howell was watching a movie with her daughter, Ashlynd, when unable to keep her eyes open after an exhaustive day, the tired mother dozed off.

Little did she know about her tech-savvy daughters plans, who used her sleeping mother’s thumbprint to open her phone and buy from Amazon.

“We laid there and two minutes into the movie I fell asleep because I was wiped out,” she said.

On this occasion, my phone was sitting on the coffee table next to the couch.”

The little mastermind opened Amazon and started ordering toys for herself. When Ashley’s parents got order confirmations for 13 orders of Pokémon items, they thought they were hacked.

But soon Bethany began to suspect her clever daughter might have ordered from her phone while she was asleep.

Inquisitive, she asked her daughter if she shopped using her phone:

“I asked her if she was on my phone looking at Pokemon,” said Bethany.

“Yeah, mommy, I was shopping,” Ashlynd responded. “But don’t worry—everything that I ordered is coming straight to the house.”

Bethany was an Amazon Prime subscriber and all her credit card details were already saved in the system, so all Ashley had to do was unlock her mother’s phone.

The online shopping guru’s mother tried returning the items back to Amazon, but she was allowed to return only four of them. 

She broke the news to her daughter telling her that Santa knew how she bought these gifts in the first place, and so she couldn’t keep all of them.

Still, nine out of 13 Pokémon gifts sure must have made Ashlynd’s day. As for the mother, she doesn’t seem too upset as she allowed her daughter to keep the gifts that she was unable to return.

Note to parents: Keep your phone out of the reach of children, especially during Christmas season.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS, Kim Kyung-Hoon

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