American Airlines Forces First-Class Black Passenger To Back Of Plane

A black woman recently became a target of racism when she was made to move to the back of an American Airline plane despite having a first-class ticket.

Rane Baldwin, an African-American woman, was traveling with her white friend, Janet Novak, from Kentucky to Charlotte in the U.S. The two ladies checked into their American Airlines Flight 5389 and although they were looking forward to a comfortable journey in their first-class seats, things didn’t go to well for Baldwin, who soon fell victim to racism.

Novak narrated the entire incident via tweets to the airline, whose officials asked her details stating, “We don't tolerate discrimination of any kind. Please share details and your record locator. We want to look into this quickly.”

It all started off when the ticket agent scanned her first-class boarding pass and then handed her a ticket that directed her to the back of the plane. Upon questioning the agent, Baldwin was informed that she had been assigned a new seat because a plane change resulted in fewer first-class seats. Interestingly, her white friend's seat remained the same.




Things only got worse when upon complaining, Baldwin was treated like a nobody and ignored, while Novack was treated very differently. Novack then decided to move with her friend to the rear end of the plane, but a member of the crew offered her another seat elsewhere.


“At this point, the plane was fully boarded, but there were multiple empty rows at the front of the main cabin,” Baldwin said in an interview with The Root.





“I’ve never felt so unimportant my entire life. This flight was the most blatantly racist thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m the one who bought the tickets; she was traveling with me — not the other way around,” she continued. “When my ticket was changed and Janet’s was not, I felt like I was being sent to the back of the bus. I just kept wondering if I was in some sort of time warp and asking myself, ‘Is this what it felt like to be black 60 years ago?’”

It is important to note here that the African-American woman is an Advantage Platinum Select/World Elite cardholder, and yet she was treated so roughly. The incident was one of sheer discrimination and The Root contacted the airline for an answer but has not received any response as yet.  





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