American Airlines Officially Reaches New Heights Of Racial Awfulness

How - after all of the bad PR for its boneheaded moves in the past two years - did American Airlines let another incident like this occur?

This year (and the last one, and the year before that) weren’t particularly good for American Airlines in terms of PR.

As American Airlines, much like the country it was named after, grappled with the concepts of racial equality, it ejected people from airplanes for looking "too Muslim" (one of these people was not even a Muslim), and refused to give a Muslim woman an unopened can of Coke because it might be used as a weapon.

American Airlines has added another feather to its bigoted cap when it ejected one woman for — wait for it  looking too black. Seriously, there can be no other reason.



Imani Cezanne, aboard the American Airlines, noticed that a couple was moved from their seats in the exit row because they spoke no English. When Cezanne voiced her concerns, she was told if the flight attendant cannot explain her instructions, she must move the passengers away from the exit row. Fair enough.

The flight attendant, however, felt vindicated, and asked if Cezanne was "going to be a problem." Flabbergasted by the senselessness of the question, Cezanne responded by repeating the question. She was told to leave the plane shortly after because the flight attendant felt "threatened."



A furious Cezanne, stranded on the airport with hotel room, took to Twitter, asking exactly what it was in her demeanor that so intimidated the attendant. The answer was obvious. It was Cezanne's terrifying blackness, the same color that makes unarmed, pleading teenagers look like crazed murderers to police.

American Airlines contacted Cezanne, and she promised followers to update her Twitter account on what happens next.


Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mike Stone

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