WATCH: American Airlines Employee Appears To Hit Woman With A Stroller

American Airlines comes under fire after a flight attendant allegedly mistreats and assaults a female passenger.

Just weeks after the disturbing incident when aman was dragged by his hands from an overbooked United Airlines flight,a similar episode involving an American carriage has occurred.

American Airlines has come under fire after a controversy emerged involving violence against passengers.

The incident took place before AA Flight 591 was set to depart from San Francisco to Dallas-Fort Worth, when a woman, who was carrying a baby, got into an argument with an American Airlines employee.

During the argument she allegedly got hit with her stroller.

After seeing the whole situation a passenger came forward but the employee allegedly challenged him to fight.

A video of the incident has since gone viral.

In the video, the woman can be seen standing while holding a baby in her arms. She is visibly upset and is constantly crying. She also asks the employee to get her stroller back. Moments later, a passenger jumped to her defense, angry with how she and her kids were allegedly treated by a flight attendant. He asks for the name of the employee and then heads back to his seat.

However, after a while a uniformed employee of the airline boards the plane. The passenger who asked for the employee’s number then confronts the uniformed employee.

“You do that to me and I'll knock you flat,” said the man.

To this the uniformed employee warns him to stay out of the situation. The man refuses to back off and steps forward to the employee. He then tells the passenger to fight him.

“Try it. Hit me. You don't know what the story is,” said the employee.

The man is then heard saying, “You almost hurt a baby!”

Following the incident, the airline told WFAA that they have apologized to the woman and they are taking special care of her and her family, upgrading them to first class for the remainder of their international trip. They also released a statement saying that the incident doesn’t reflect their values.





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