American Airlines Flight Attendant Threatens Passenger With Arrest

Flight attendants are supposed to be cordial and helpful, but apparently, not all of them are. This American Airlines passenger caught one on a very bad day.



Twitter user Ra Nath of Dallas, Texas, got revenge on a rude flight attendant with the most effective tool in the skies — a viral social media post. 

It happened while Ra Nath was traveling on an American Airlines flight, which apparently ran out of pasta, irritating the passenger. In his own words: “He didn’t like that I asked him why my row was the last one to be asked what to eat since they ran out of pasta.

“In business with five of my friends and I guess he treated us like kids. I was trying to get his name to complain after the flight.

“He refused to give it to me and in return, threatened me with putting me in jail if I kept talking to him.”

The video shows the attendant pointing his finger and telling the man to “Shut up” and threatening to have him arrested.

“If you talk to me again I call the cops and you get arrested in Miami,” he says.

That's Nath's side of the story. So far, the flight attendant hasn't commented. Nath heard from the airline though:



Several Twitter users also responded to the video, telling him he was in the wrong and acting like a spoiled brat.

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Though there really is no way so far of finding out what started the exchange and it is possible that the passenger may be responsible for inciting the rude exchange, but American Airlines doesn’t really have a very good reputation when it comes to customer care.

There have been cases of passengers being taken off flights and prejudiced against for looking "too Muslim.”

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In 2015, Theresa Purcell, a wheelchair bound hip-hop artist, sued American Airlines for $2.5 million for their alleged dehumanizing and humiliating conduct.

Purcell was boarding a commuter flight to San Diego in one of the American Airlines plane when the staff informed her that they were unable to provide her the wheelchair ramp and she had to get out of the wheelchair and board the plane on her own. She had to crawl from the gate all the way to her seat in front of more than 50 passengers.

“I was humiliated. It was embarrassing to have 50-something people watch you crawl into a plane," she explained. "Is today another time where I have to climb onto an airplane again, where all these people have to watch me embarrass myself again, and I gotta be there, hoping please, I hope I never see these people again?”

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