Woman’s Furious NSFW Tirade Over Delayed Flight

A woman suffered a meltdown of epic proportions when her flight to a long-awaited vacation was delayed without any explanation.

A furious mother raged at American Airlines staff over a delay that ruined her family’s vacation, and her misery is probably compounded now that the video is making the rounds online. 

The woman, who had been waiting for the delayed flight for over four hours, unleashed her wrath on the airport staff, claiming they lied to her about the flight’s schedule. She adds that she and her daughters had been anticipating the trip to Disney World — a journey that would have taken her four hours if she had chosen to go by road — for over a year and the flight delays had upset her plans.

The video, which was caught on camera by fellow passenger Jade Weng, then pans down to a little girl clutching a stuffed animals and sobbing.

After saying her piece, the angry woman started to turn to go back to her kids, but was apparently not finished just yet. She rounded once again toward the staff and told them she would get “everyone’s name here because you’re all in s***.”

Airline staff eventually called security for assistance.

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An American Airlines spokesman later reported the flight was delayed due to uncertain weather conditions.

“We do apologize that passengers on American Airlines flight 2240 were delayed due to inclement weather at New York’s LaGuardia Airport,” the statement read. “'The inbound aircraft, which was coming from Miami, diverted to Philadelphia due to high winds at LaGuardia.

“The Federal Aviation Administration had air traffic control ground stops/ground delay programs in effect due to weather, which resulted in the diversion of the aircraft.”

The flight was scheduled to depart the La Guardia airport at 9 p.m. but didn’t arrive in New York via Philadelphia until 12:42 a.m. It departed La Guardia the following morning at 8:50 a.m., after a 12-hour delay.

Jade Weng states some of the passengers had arrived to the airport hours ahead of the flight and blamed the airport staff for lack of sympathy.

According to the airline, when there is a flight delay, customers are given “distressed passenger rate” vouchers that provide discounts at local hotels. However, the voucher does not cover the entire hotel cost or meals, telephone or transportation charges.

Other customers were also seen yelling at the staff and airport police.




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