American Company In Kuwait Kills Dozens Of Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

An American security company contracted in Kuwait killed over two dozen dogs after its contract with an oil firm was completed and the dogs finished their work.

Photos that should enrage all animal lovers have emerged of dozens of dead dogs at an American security firm in Kuwait.

Eastern Securities of Kuwait, an American company contracted by an oil firm, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, slaughtered up to 24 dogs after the canines had finished performing their services for the company.

According to the Daily Mail, “workers killed the hounds because they had not been paid for two months after the firm's contract with KNPC ended.”

There are photos posted on Facebook of workers standing over piles of dead dogs; the fact that they killed the dogs is horrific in itself, but it was not even humanely. While they were supposed to euthanize each of the dogs, one employee “jumped the gun' and killed them all in one go”—although it’s unclear exactly how he did so.

One anonymous employee claimed that the dogs were sick and aggressive and needed to be put down (and that no shelter agreed to take them) although such an excuse really holds no water.

A spokesperson for Eastern Securities has not yet come out with a statement, although it seems impossible to defend this despicable behavior.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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