US Aid Worker Runs Through ISIS Gunfire To Save Child

The aid worker had only a few seconds, and he did the best he could, running under ISIS sniper fire to save a Mosul child who had just lost her entire family.

Some of us are born to do great things, and some are born to do so while risking our own lives.

David Eubank is a former Green Beret who now runs the humanitarian organization Free Burma Rangers after having spent 10 years with the United States Special Forces. He decided to go to Mosul, Iraq, with his entire family with the goal of saving lives.

“We see families killed,” he said. "One woman, probably a 19-year-old, new mother, little newborn, died in my arms."

During a recent rescue mission, the American was able to save the life of a young child who had lost her entire family.

CBS reports that as ISIS snipers “filled the air with gunfire,” and Eubank told reporters he saw “what turns out to be about 70 dead bodies — [women], children, guys in wheelchairs.”

That's when he saw the little girl, he said, “sitting next to her dead mother. Hiding under the black hijab.”

At that moment, he knew he had to act fast.

With Iraqi and U.S. forces providing cover both in the air and on the ground, a blanket of smoke was lifted so that Eubank could run to the desperate child. In no more than 12 seconds, he had gone in, taken the girl away from the horrific scene, and ran out — saving her life.

“It makes me want to cry every time I see the picture because I think she made it, she made it,” he stated.

The entire ordeal was caught on video.

When Eubank started the humanitarian group, his wife and three kids decided to join him on all missions to Myanmar. Now that they are in Mosul, many ask the family why they would be willing to go through such great lengths just to help people they've never met.

“There's kids on the front line with their parents who are getting shot at, so why shouldn't we be out there helping them as well,” daughter Sahale told reporters. “If your kid was out there, wouldn't you want someone else to help them, someone to rescue them, to give them the opportunity to live?”

When asked why they keep returning to conflict zones to help those in need, Eubank said he does what he does out of love. And it was that love that helped save the little girl who now may have a second chance.

According to CBS, Eubank said he believes that one of the Iraqi generals involved in that particular mission may be readying to adopt the young victim.

We hope more of these stories continue coming to light. We sure need to spread the love in times like these.

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