Israeli-American Threatened Jewish Schools With ‘Bombs,’ ‘Bloodbaths’

The hacker used the internet to make around 2,000 hoax telephone calls threatening of bombings and other terror attacks at schools, airports, hospitals and museums.

An Israeli-American has been convicted for making thousands of bomb threats and attacks on Jewish institutions across the United States, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Michael Ron David Kadar, 19, originally from Ashkelon, Israel, was convicted this week after a joint operation between Israel and the United States’ FBI that took two years. The hacker used the internet to make around 2,000 hoax telephone calls threatening of bombings and other terror attacks at schools, airports, police stations, hospitals, sporting events and museums.

Kadar was also found guilty of money laundering, extortion and attacking a police officer, BBC reported.

“As a result of these threats, planes were forced to land in different airports, schools were evacuated and emergency forces were alerted,” Israeli state prosecutor Yoni Hadad said. “He essentially created panic, terrorized many people and disrupted their lives.”

Although it is assumed the teenager started making the threatening calls about three years ago, he was only tried for the threats he made after he turned 18 in 2016.

The FBI report alleged Kadar made a call in February 2017 where he vowed that “in a short time, a large number of ‘Jew children’ were going to have their heads blown off from the shrapnel.” In many other calls, Kadar threatened of “bombs” and “bloodbaths.”

The now 19-year-old also attempted to disguise his identity by using voice modulation services and text-to-voice services.

The Israeli and U.S. authorities also linked Kadar to posting on the online marketplace, AlphaBay, that advertised a “School Email Bomb Threat Service,” which offered to send customized threats to school for $30, plus surcharge to get someone framed. The price would move up to $45 if the buyer wanted to target an entire school district and offered refund if the threat was not successful.

Because of the threats, a Jewish Museum in London had to be evacuated. Kadar also made threats to British Airways and several airplanes also had to make emergency landings after his calls.

 Shortly after the arrest, Kadar’s lawyer Galit Bash said her client had a “very serious medical condition” that could have affected his behavior. Kadar’s parents have also tried to excuse his inexcusable behavior by saying he has brain tumor that caused autism and other mental problems. His father told the court his son could not tell good from bad and the decision that determined Kadar was fit for trial is “a lie and a conspiracy against a helpless person.”

Judge Zvi Gurfinkel has rejected these assertions and said the 19-year-old man was “well aware of the consequences of his actions” and has changed the version of his events multiple times to defend himself in court.

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