American Killed In Brussels Attack Wrote About Tolerance Months Before

One of the Americans killed in the Brussels attack last week wrote an inspiring message of tolerance months earlier, after the Paris attacks.

A mother of one of the Americans killed in the Brussels attack has come forward with an inspiring message her daughter had written months ago, right after the Paris attacks.

The mother, Marjan Pinczowski-Fasbender, posted the message to her Facebook, adding, “During this time of grief and outrage, I want to share this message of tolerance from our dear daughter, Sascha, written by her following the Paris attacks last November.”

Months earlier, on November 19, Pinczowski-Fasbender’s daughter wrote a message of tolerance and how counter-productive anti-Muslim rage can be:

"Ignorant spreading of anti-Muslim sentiment and propaganda does nothing but benefit ISIS. ISIS recruiters find some young kid who's struggling to find their place in the world and say, 'Hey kid, these people don't want you. They won't tolerate you and what you believe in. Just watch and you'll see.' Next thing there's a terrorist attack and the public erupts in anti-Muslim rage. Threatening Muslims and demonizing them at every opportunity."


Pinczowski and her 29-year-old twin brother, Alexander Pinczowski, were talking on the phone with their mother when the line suddenly dropped and the first bomb went off.

After days of frantic searching, Pinczowski-Fasbender and other family members discovered that the twins had been killed in the Brussels attack.

One of the twins’ good friends, Mark Lewis, told PEOPLE on Friday that, “We are trying our best to get through this. It feels like a dagger in the heart.”

Officials say at least 35 victims were killed and 300 were wounded between the attacks at the airport and the Maalbeek Metro Station.

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