American Psychologists Finally Realize Torture In GITMO Is Unethical

American Psychologists Association finally admits working at this notorious facility is against human rights.


After an order issued by the United States’ military general in charge of Guantanamo Bay, most psychologists will no longer be hired at the notorious prison.

The American Psychological Association has passed an order that states working in a place where prisoners are held without trial and tortured is unethical and the Pentagon does not want to employ anyone who is in violation of the rules.

The new order bans psychologists from working with detainees at the prison. It comes as a response to psychologists’ involvement in the government-issued torture program. The so-called “enhanced interrogation” program was permitted to operate legally because it was allegedly being observed by psychologists for safety –in addition, APA’s previous policies were created specifically in conjunction with the fact they won’t interfere with the U.S. government violent grilling.

The order to pull psychologists out of the nefarious prison was issued two weeks ago but not made public. Psychologists have been vacated from Guantanamo since then and will no longer be present during interviews with the prisoners. Apart from this, the APA’s new law also prohibits psychologists from providing health services to prisoners at places like Guantanamo, which the United Nations has deemed are in non-compliance with human rights.

On one hand, the removal of these therapists might be an overstep, but on the other, offering detainees counseling lessons after tormenting them for hours, is a cruel and futile exercise.

However, not all psychologists have been removed from the premises of Guantanamo. Those who are responsible for the treatment of U.S. military personnel will be allowed to stay. This essentially means that therapy of the unfairly imprisoned seems to be unethical in the eyes of the APA, but not the counseling of their – often – brutal wardens.

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