Young Adult Americans Have Still Not Accepted Trump As President

The youth isn’t particularly fond of him, but thinks they have no choice.

57% of the American youth, including large majorities of Blacks and Latinos, does not think Trump is the legitimate President.

This news should not come as a shock. There are obvious reasons; Trump could not bag the popular vote which rival Clinton won, and a widespread belief is that Trump was planted in the White House by the Kremlin.

GenForward is a poll of adults between the age of 18 and 30, conducted by the Black Youth Project at The University of Chicago with the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

The poll found that although a majority of the white populace, 53%, begrudgingly accepted Trump as the legitimate President, 55% of them disapproved of his actions as President.

A protest against Trump

“That’s who we voted for. And obviously America wanted him more than Hillary Clinton,” said Rebecca Gallardo, a 30-year-old nursing student, and a Trump voter.

Overall, only 22% of the voters approved of Trump, and 62% disapproved.

It is not just the voters’ reservation about the transparency of the elections that have tarnished Trump’s legitimacy; his rhetoric has not gone down well with the young voters. Many, such as Anderson, a 21-year-old from Florida, are bewildered that he could have called Mexican immigrants rapists. That is, to use Trump’s term, very ‘unpresidented’.

Trump has been trying to keep the Muslims out with a ‘complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. This, according to a district judge, reeks of religious animosity, and obviously does little to help Trump’s reputation in an America where, by 2020, half the children will be of a minority race.

Republican Party is not a favorite among the American youth. Only about a quarter held favorable views, and 6 in 10 held unfavorable views. The Democratic Party did not fare much better. Although not as overwhelmingly negative as those of the GOP, the popularity figures for Democrats state that only 14% of the youth in the USA had favorable views of them.

It is easy to see a despondency amongst young voters towards both GOP and Democrats. In this instance, Trump, with his hateful bigotry, is still tolerable simply because he is not part of the same old machinery.

“I do not like him as a person,” said Rebecca Gallardo. She still voted for him, citing that she had no choice.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Simon Dawson

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