Amusement Park Horror As Teenager Thrown To Her Death From A Ride

A video filmed at a Chinese attraction park shows a teenage girl being thrown from a theme ride.

A Chinese teenager died today after being thrown out of a malfunctioning swing ride mid-air at an amusement park.

The unidentified teenager was at a fairground inside Zhaohua Park in Fengdu County.

The clip shows the ride spinning for a few seconds and the girl desperately clinging to the seat in a whirling machine. The 14-year-old is then spun in the air for about five seconds before she is thrown from from her ride called “A Journey in Space” and hits the ground. Authorities claimed the ride malfunctioned.

The crowd that viewed the terrifying scene is heard screaming. Eyewitnesses included a number of children as well. One of them is seen putting her hands over her ears while the crowd cried.

A passerby gave CPR to the unidentified teenager before paramedics arrived. 

She was rushed to hospital but was later pronounced dead.

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