An AP Exam Question Inspired Teens Across The Country To Roast Trump

It was an opportunity too good to pass up. Teens across America took full advantage of an AP exam essay question to give their president what for.

On Wednesday, high schoolers across the United States took the standardized AP English exam. One essay question presented a golden opportunity that, judging by Twitter, many students were loathe to pass up. 

The question was inspired by the article "America the Illiterate," written in 2016 by journalist and progressive writer Chris Hedges. According to Buzzfeed, the question asked how much of a role "artifice," which is defined as cunning or deceit, plays in politics. 

In this day and age, how could President Donald Trump not come to mind?

He certainly came to a lot of high schooler's minds, and the resulting social media solidarity is as amusing as it is affirming.






It's good to know the next generation can find the humor in a bad situation. Congratulations to all those who finished their AP exams.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Flickr user Cory Doctorow

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