A Second GOP Official Thinks Clinton ‘Should Hang From A Tree’

Another political official recently agreed with a fellow politician that Hillary Clinton should be hung and added that she should also be tried for murder.

Update: A Republican legislator of the West Virginia House of Delegates posted a controversial message on social media last Friday, agreeing that Clinton should be hung, CBS News reported

Conservative lawmaker Michael Folk said in a tweet, "Hillary Clinton, you should be treason, murder, and crimes against the US Constitution...then hung on the mall in Washington D.C." 

Folk later retracted his words and said that he does not want her hung, but he does want her to go on trial for her private email server scandal. 

"It could have been said a little better," he said. "I regret the tone and the second part of that tweet." 

But Folk later said the tweet wasn't meant to be taken literally and was merely "hyperbole." 

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton faces such a tremendous amount of sexist hate from the Republican Party, it’s unbelievable. How do they get away with it all?

From misogynistic pins in Cleveland defaming her to being trolled by former celebrities who support Donald Trump, Clinton is the textbook definition of a victim of sexism.

On Tuesday, during a commissioners' board meeting in Cleveland, Licking County delegate Duane Flowers (R-Ohio) blurted out, “Hillary, she should be hanging from a tree.”

Now, it’s one thing for those against the Democratic candidate to say she should be in prison, but to verbally condemn her to death is a whole different ball game. For a lawmaker to call for Clinton’s execution, whereas she has committed no crimes rendering such a drastic punishment, is an outrage.

hillary clinton

Later in the day, as criticism mounted against Flowers for sending Clinton a death wish, he kind of offered an apology.

Flowers said, “I got caught up in an emotional moment. She just totally makes my mind want to pop out of my ears. I really can’t believe she’s running for president.”

The amount of rubbish that comes out of the vile mouths of the majority of the Republican Party could fill the entire state of Texas. 

For Flowers to use "emotion" as an excuse to say something so violent towards a person is inexcusable. It does not serve as a legitimate justification for making such a heinous remark, even if misogyny is the norm for the GOP.



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