An Illinois Driver Bolted Through #BlackLivesMatter Protesters

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Carbondale, Illinois were interrupted by an angry driver who blocked traffic and drove through them.

Black Lives Matter protesters are furious after an enraged driver yelled at them and drove off in a hurry, Gateway Pundit reported.

The Illinois driver took it upon himself to scream at the protesters, causing a ruckus at Marion Street.

The group of 100 protesters felt disturbed by the man’s lack of respect for their fight against police brutality and decided to swarm his car.

The reckless driver then stormed through the protesters, causing an unnecessary scene and leaving one protester on the hood of his car for a short while.

A child was allegedly hit by the driver, and the protester that was on top of his car has unknown injuries.

This driver needs to recognize the racist experiences of others and commend those who speak up against racial violence.  

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

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