'Clown Of Aleppo' Who Made Injured Children Smile Dies In Airstrike

Anas al-Basha, better known as the “Clown of Aleppo,” was a source of comfort to hundreds of children in the besieged Syrian city.

A 24-year-old, who used to dress up as a clown to bring a smile on the faces of traumatized children in war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo, has been killed in a presumed Russian or Syrian government missile strike on the Mashhad area.

Anas al-Basha — better known as the “Clown of Aleppo” — did not only comfort the children affected by the brutalities of war, he was also a center director for Space For Hope, a local group that supports children who have lost their families to the ongoing conflict.

“He would act out skits for the children to break the walls between them,” Samar Hijazi, al-Basha's supervisor, told the Associated Press. “All of us in this field [of child care] are exhausted, and we have to find strength to provide psychological support and continue with our work.”

Mahmoud al-Basha, who claims to be the social worker’s brother, also posted a heartrending farewell message on Facebook.

Al-Basha's parents reportedly left the rebel-held area before the Syrian government started its siege in July. However, Basha decided to stay and help others.

Find out more in the video above.

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