Anderson Cooper: Is Trump President For All Or Just White People?

“A few hours ago, the president of the United States revealed to us so clearly who he really is,” said Anderson Cooper at the start of his 11-minute monologue.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper made a very poignant observation about President Donald Trump Tuesday night after he defended the Charlottesville, Virginia, “Unite the Right” rally-goers.

Trump referred to the white supremacists who attended the rallies on Friday and Saturday as “very fine people” in a press conference earlier that day, and then had the audacity to harshly criticize progressive counter-protesters who were present at the event.

Cooper addressed Trump’s words in a moving monologue at the start of his show.

“A few hours ago, the president of the United States revealed to us so clearly who and what he really is,” Cooper said, questioning, “whether he can ever be a president for all people or just for white ones, a president for people of all beliefs or just the alt-right.”

Cooper also called out Trump’s hypocrisy behind his claim that he “wanted to see the facts,” before responding to the chaos that ensued in Charlottesville.

“If there is anything we already know about this president, it’s that he does not wait for facts to become clear before speaking,” Cooper said. “Has any president in modern history lied so frequently and so fast as this one?”

Cooper’s blunt and candid takedown of Trump expresses sentiments that many Americans are feeling following Trump’s blatant disregard for minorities in this country. 

It also is an example of the fact that it's not enough for people of color to call out injustice alone. It's going to take white people going head-to-head with other white people and holding each other accountable in the way that Cooper has done by using his own platform to stand up to Trump.  

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