Angry Construction Worker Pummels Boss With A Bulldozer

A disgruntled construction employee working at a Walmart site in Florida was convicted of injuring his boss with a bulldozer and burying him in soil.

Police in Orlando, Florida, have charged a construction worker with battery after he attacked his supervisor with the metal level of a bulldozer following a heated argument.

Erick Cox. Twitter, @iamwakaboss

While working on a Walmart construction site, Erick Cox, also known as "Pork Chop," went after his manager with a six-foot aluminum level after dumping several giant buckets of soil on him, the Independent reported.

In an emergency 911 recording broadcasted by local channel WESH, one of Cox’s co-workers can be heard explaining that his colleague was trying to kill his boss:

Caller: “Please hurry somebody come out here, he just hit him with a level and is about to kill him.”

Dispatcher: “He hit him with what?” 

Caller: “A loader. Somebody tried to kill him on my job. Please send somebody out here. He ran him over and covered him up with dirt. Send somebody out there, please.”

Cox, 32, caused his 57-year-old supervisor Perry Byrd to have a four-inch gash on his forehead which required surgery. According to reports, Byrd is still recovering in the hospital.

After being arrested and charged with battery, Cox was released from police custody on bond. He claims that the second time he dumped dirt on Byrd was an accident, although the first time was on purpose.

Needless to say, Cox lost his job and is no longer employed by the DeBary construction company. 


Photo Credit: Reuters

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