Racist Fans Are Responding To #TakeAKnee By Burning Their NFL Jerseys

Under the hashtag #BurnTheNFL, angry fans are setting fire to all of their team paraphernalia due to last weekend’s league-wide national anthem protests.

Buffalo Bills players kneel in protest during the anthem before their game against the Denver Broncos

As the NFL saga continues, angry fans have resorted to setting fire to their jerseys and paraphernalia.

Throughout the country, people who are against the #TakeAKnee movement have filmed themselves burning all of their NFL gear to express their disdain for the protest.

These so-called ex-fans shared clips of their actions on social media under the hashtag #BurnTheNFL.

Former marine Rodney Heard even went as far as to post a video burning his Indianapolis Colts season tickets.

This demonstration is ridiculous for a slew of reasons, with the main one being that these same “angry” fans will be regretting this choice as the season carries on.

These people will undoubtedly be glued to their television screens when their teams play and repurchasing all of the paraphernalia that they burned. The NFL is deeply ingrained in American culture, and once this current controversy begins to die down — as it inevitably will — these people will be cheering their favorite players on once again.

Meanwhile, the social and political issues plaguing communities of color that sparked the original national anthem protest will continue, as they, too, are deeply ingrained in American culture.

This brings us to the next reasons why this jersey-burning party is absurd.

  • Unarmed black men and women being gunned down in the streets by members of law enforcement was not enough to make these people angry.
  • Colin Kaepernick being blackballed by the NFL for exercising his rights as an American and initiating a peaceful protest against injustice was not enough to make these people angry.
  • President Donald Trump delivering a speech in which he called hardworking, law-abiding Americans “sons of b***hes” was not enough to make these people angry.

However, the moment these folks saw players, coaches, and owners, throughout the entire league join forces and take a knee in resistance to Trump’s blatant disrespect for the constitution and the professional sports industry, all hell broke loose.

The disparity and hypocrisy at the heart of this issue is so apparent that even a blind person can see it. If people kneeling during "The Star-Spangled Banner" infuriates you more than your fellow Americans being murdered in cold blood at alarming rates, then you cannot call yourself a patriot.

These people who are burning their jerseys and tickets aren't defending American values, standing up for our country, or making a political statement; they're just wasting money. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, Mike Segar

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