‘F*** Mexico, This Is America’: Trump Supporters Slash Mexican Flag

“They burn our flag in their country, burn theirs in ours!” said one Trump supporter, while another man slashed at the Mexican flag.



A racist mob of President Donald Trump supporters desecrated a Mexican flag that fell out of a car in San Diego.

Videos on social media show a crowd gathered around a fallen flag as one of the man took out a knife.

“F*** Mexico, this is America,” yelled the man who appeared to be wearing a MAGA hat in a video. The other Trump supporters around him shouted their approval as the man started slashing at the banner.

The crowd then started chanting, “Red, white and blue. Red, white and blue. USA! USA!” as the man violated the flag.

In another video of the same incident, a man yelled, “They burn our flag in their country, burn theirs in ours!”

“Burn it, burn it, burn it,” some women can be heard shouting in the background.



The xenophobic incident occurred during Trump’s visit to San Diego to take a look at the prototypes of his promised wall.

Dozens of anti- and pro-Trump supported gathered on the opposite sides of the street as the president’s motorcade entered the restricted area. The two opposing sides were segregated by a heavy police presence in riot gear. Demonstrators on each side carried banners and aside from the distasteful incident with the flag, the protest remained “peaceful.”

Relations between the two neighboring countries have been greatly strained ever since Trump assumed office and vowed to build a wall to deter undocumented Mexican immigrants from reaching the United States. Throughout his campaign, the president has insisted Mexico will pay for the wall. Just as fervently, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has insisted they will not foot the bill.

Trump has called Pena Nieto a “wonderful guy” and visited Mexico in 2016. However, the Mexican president has twice canceled his visit to the U.S. because of Trump’s absurd assertion that Mexico should pay for the wall.

The eight 9-meter-tall fences are prototypes for the wall Trump wants designed along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump wanted to visit the models for a long time in hopes he could pick out his favorite design. However, the Department of Homeland Security said elements from each design are expected to be sued in the construction of the wall.

Banner/Thumbnail credit: REUTERS/John Gastaldo

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