Horrible Human At Zoo Throws Rocks At Kangaroos To Make Them Hop

An insensitive man was caught on video throwing rocks at sleeping kangaroos to make them hop just for the sake of pictures.

Every zoo has signs warning visitors not to feed the animals or bother them with flash photography, screaming or knocking, but some cruel people apparently need to be reminded of a simpler fact: Don't throw rocks at animals.

A visitor at the Yangzhou Zoo in Jiangsu Sheng, China, pelted sleeping kangaroos with rocks to wake them up and make them hop around.

An onlooker caught the disgusting incident on video.

The cruel man threw multiple rocks at the captive creatures before fellow visitors stopped him for his outrageous behavior. But he insisted on hurting them because for him this wasn’t wrong, saying he was on a “rare trip.”

There is nothing “rare” about animal abuse.

His cruel actions were condemned by many animal right activists and people on Chinese social media.

Animal welfare group Humane Society International also condemned the man's insensitive behavior. 

“The actions of the man in the video are deplorable,” said Nicola Beynon, head of campaigns for the Australian office of Humane Society International. 

Sadly, Chinese zoos are famous for incidents of animal abuse. Though the Chinese government banned certain types of animal abuse activities that took place in the country’s zoos over the years, these incidents still prevail at the hands of inhuman zoo’s visitors.

Question to the ridiculous man: How would you like it if people threw objects at you while you were sleeping just to take pictures?

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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