Tourist Immediately Regrets Patting Lion On Its Head

Video footage shows a tourist opening his van’s window before trying to pat the lion on the head. The animal didn’t react at first but then roars fiercely.

It’s 2018 and people can’t stop bothering animals.

Tourists are given a certain set of rules and regulations that need to be followed for their own safety, but people are ignorant, which at times cost wild animals their lives.

In a video footage shot at Tanzania's Serengeti National Park, a tourist can be seen trying to pat a lion on the head as if it were a cat. His conduct was reckless, to say the least.

The unnamed person rolled his car window down and tried to touch the wild beast. The lion didn’t react at first but as soon as it realized the man wanted to touch it, the feline, which can weigh around 181 kilograms (400 pounds), roared back at him ferociously. The tourist panicked at this time and hurriedly rolled back the window.

But his unawareness could have cost the lion’s life. Had the lion been in a rage, it could have torn the tourist’s hand apart or killed him. And to save him, the park would have been left with no other option but to euthanize it.

People need to realize that wild animals are untamed and there is a reason why they are given a set of rules to follow while going around a park full of wild beasts.

Wildlife Sightings, which published the video on YouTube, explained that lions will look for shelter in the shade of vehicles, but this under no circumstances means that they trust humans.

"It could also just have easily crashed its way through the open window and torn into those inside. They were lucky to get away with it. They are wild animals," Naas Smit commented.

Animals in zoos and parks have been exploited several times and it is about time for people to stop mistreating them.

Banner / Thumbnail : Pixabay, AlexasFotos

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