Animal Activists Decided To Protest Sanders, Of All The Candidates

During Bernie Sanders's rally on Monday in Oakland, animal rights activists attempted to jump the stage to protests Sanders's views on animal agriculture.

Bernie Sanders’s massive rally in Oakland, CA on Memorial Day was interrupted when animal rights activists attempted to rush the stage before Secret Service agents derailed them.

According to Gawker, individuals from the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere were close to jumping on stage when they were hauled away by Sanders’s Secret Service.

They were apparently protesting Sanders’s backing of “animal agriculture,” and claimed that they “[expected] Bernie Sanders, the progressive candidate, to support more radical action to provide animals not just with improved conditions but with legal rights to be free from harm.”

Sanders has not specifically addressed this issue, although he has noted that he is against factory farming and supports small, locally-owned farms and sustainable agriculture practices. Other candidates, including Hillary Clinton, have not even spoken about animal rights in any capacity.

This is one of the few, rare times Sanders has been interrupted by protestors; early in his campaign, Black Lives Matter protestors jumped on stage during a rally, and Sanders ceded to them, allowing them to voice their concerns. He spoke with BLM leaders and activists following the incident.

This instance of protest, however, appears tangential—there are numerous crucial issues that are pressing to the American people, and while animal rights are certainly a legitimate concern, rushing on stage to protest a candidate who is already largely on your side feels redundant.

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