Ann Coulter Calls Father Of Slain US War Hero A ‘Snarling Muslim’

Ann Coulter just cemented her unofficial status as a bigot when she called Khizr Khan, the father of an American war hero, “a snarling Muslim.”

A lot of conservatives lauded the powerful speech by Khizr Khan, father of slain U.S. soldier Hamayun Khan, during the Democratic National Convention in July.

But not Ann Coulter — because all she could take away from Khan’s poignant words was his “anger” and “a thick accent.”


And she never apologized for the tweet.

In fact, she just doubled down on her offensive comments during an interview with Sky News’ anchor Andrew Bolt.

The Australian commentator was left speechless by Coulter when referred to Khan as a “snarling Muslim.”

The exchange was mainly about the U.S. presidential race, however, toward the end of it, Bolt asked Coulter, who is also a vocal Trump supporter, why he engaged in a very public spat with the family of a fallen American war hero.

“That still leaves the case of the Muslim parents of the soldier who died, I just don't think you criticize the parents, any parents of a soldier who died in battle,” Bolt pointed out.

“No I totally disagree... No I totally disagree on that one,” Coulter replied, before going off on a tangent, explaining how it was the media  and not Trump’s own vitriol against Khan  that (further) damages the Republican nominee’s image.

And then she slammed Khan.

“I don't know America very well if they want to listen to a snarling Muslim lecture them and tell us we're not allowed to have opinions on important public policy issues unless we had a son die in Iraq,” Coulter added.

The statement left Bolt at a loss of words for a brief moment and understandably so.

Unfortunately, for those well-acquainted with Coulter's bigotry, the comment isn't much of a surprise.

She is after all a woman who once said that Mexican culture “is obviously deficient,” shut down a Hispanic questioning her over racism by saying, "You're not black, so drop the racism crap" and found it "amusing" that CNN's Zakaria critiques the U.S. in a "thick Indian accent."

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